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Club GirlsEntertainment With A Twist

Taking your own stripper to a strip club is the newest innovation that many are starting to do to get maximum entertainment for your money. While it is fun having lap dances and private rooms with strippers in strip clubs, it is much better having a private stripper without needing to worry about bouncers or paying for private tables. The best part about having your own stripper with you is the fact that you know you will be getting a performance that no one else will share.

Many guys are starting to realize that having a woman with you when frequenting strip clubs can make the entire experience better. You can talk about the dances you see, critique them together, and know that the girl you are with with show you her own goods when you leave the establishment. The entire night feels better all the way around.


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Sexy StripperBring Your Escort With You

Many guys enjoy going to strip clubs when they go to Las Vegas. Having your personal escort go with you to enjoy a striptease is a great way to get into a party mood for what you will be able to see when you go back to your hotel room. Our strippers are top of the line and ready to show you the best time of your life. We are confident that you will enjoy the beauty, the dance, and the personalized experience our girls offer. Call use to make an appointment for your own strip tease artist to accompany you when you go out on the town.

There is no better way to experience a strip club than with a partner, and we have that part of the equation covered. Simply call and let us know what type of girl you are looking for to escort you and we will handle the rest. You will enjoy professional service every time. Our girls love going out to strip clubs and they are ready to give you adult entertainment in the comfort of your room when you are ready to go back.

Las Vegas Strip Clubs One Huge Party

Bring your stripper to Sapphire Las Vegas for a time you will be thinking about for weeks afterward. This club has it all, from private rooms to several stages of topless performance you and your date will enjoy together. If you are going during the day, let our service know that you are planning on going to the Sapphire Las Vegas pool and day club. We will make sure one of our escorts will show up with a bathing suit that will make heads turn.

This club has been known to have several celebrities frequent both the pool area and the gentleman's club areas. Imagine running into someone famous while you have a beautiful woman on your arm. That would be a time to remember, wouldn't it? After you and your date enjoy the strip action in the club, or the hot bodies in the pool area, go back to your room to see a hot body up close and personal.

autumn4Enjoy The View

The best way to get to the Spearmint Rhino Las Vegas is by limo. Call us to have a girl meet you at your room and then call the Spearmint Rhino Las Vegas to get them to send you one of their limos to whisk you away for a fun night. Your personal stripper will be with you the entire time to help keep you entertained whenever the strippers are in between shows.

You will get a private show as soon as you get back to your room. Our escorts are all trained to give professional strip performances that will leave you begging for more. If you want a little extra action, you can ask your stripper to give you a lap dance or maybe even a Vegas nude massage. Imagine the possibilities. Yes, having your own stripper on the sly is the best way to enjoy strip clubs. You won't need to worry about leaving the club empty-handed and the best part of the evening won't happen until after you had fun at the club. It just gets better.

Drink And Be Merry

Bring your escort to the Olympic Gardens Las Vegas to enjoy some drinks and fine entertainment. You will be the hit of the establishment when you walk in with a woman dressed to impress. She will blow the strippers away with her beauty. The envy from the other gentlemen in the club will make you feel important. Be sure to revel in it! That is part of the Las Vegas fun! Have some alcoholic beverages and kick back and relax with your sizzling date. Take the time to get to know her and her line of work and just have fun with each other while you are out!

The fun doesn't stop at the strip club. Afterward, your personal beauty will give you a private night alone. Just the two of you. After seeing topless performances, you will both be ready for some fun of your own. Have your personal stripper duplicate what you saw on stage right in the comfort of your hotel room. She will be happy to dance just for you in whichever way you desire. If you are feeling daring, ask her for a lap dance. She will most likely be excited to try some of the moves she just witnessed at the Olympic Gardens Las Vegas. Maybe she will want to add a few of these moves to her own routine.

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