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Club Girls

Entertainment With A Twist

Taking your own stripper to a strip club is the newest innovation that many are starting to do to get maximum entertainment for your money. While it is fun having lap dances and private rooms with strippers in strip clubs, it is much better having a private stripper without needing to worry about bouncers or paying for private tables. The best part about having your own stripper with you is the fact that you know you will be getting a performance that no one else will share.

Many guys are starting to realize that having a woman with you when frequenting strip clubs can make the entire experience better. You can talk about the dances you see, critique them together, and know that the girl you are with with show you her own goods when you leave the establishment. The entire night feels better all the way around.

Add Some Mystery To Your Night

Consider taking a trip to Treasures Las Vegas and meet up with one of our escorts while at the club. For those that enjoy role-playing, ask us to have your stripper for the evening meet you there instead of at the hotel. She will know to come up to you and do a bit of flirting ahead of time. The fun part of this, is that you will not know which stripper works for Treasures Las Vegas and which one works for us.

Imagine the delight when you finally figure out that our woman is the one going back to your hotel room with you. The suspense will keep you on your toes for a while and it will make the evening one full of intrigue as you try to figure out which girl you have ordered. Since strippers in clubs are known to try to get you to pay for extras, you won't know until you ask her if she is "the one". The entire time can be very excitingly sexy not knowing who your real date is for a bit. When you find out, get to know her for a while and then head back to your hotel to keep the mystery going.

Adult Entertainment At Its Finest

For those that wish to have a Las Vegas bachelor party that will surpass all other parties, take your crew to the Crazy Horse III Las Vegas with a stripper for each of you to enjoy afterward. Everyone in the club will assume you are each with your girlfriend or wife and they will offer couples dances for your enjoyment. Your girls will love being the center of attention and you can surprise the strippers in the club with some reciprocation on the dancing end. When they see a few moves in the corner done by your own girls, the competition will be on.

This is a great way to have a party at Hustlers Las Vegas as well. The entire crowd can reserve a VIP table and watch the performances together. The groom will be in his glory being able to watch strippers on stage while having his own personal stripper by his side. After a while, head back to a hotel room to keep the party going with just your crowd. Our strippers are thrilled when they get to work with each other and they will show your group a strip tease that no one will believe unless they were there to witness it themselves. The groom-to-be will get special treatment the entire night through and he will go back home with some memories that are just meant to stay in Las Vegas.

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